The Science Behind Our Products

Research Basis

At Child1st, our teaching materials are grounded in extensive research conducted by renowned experts in education, including Leslie Hart, Carla Hannaford, Eric Jensen, Renate N. Caine, and Geoffrey Caine. By aligning with the natural learning processes of children, our approach to reading and math instruction aims to empower every student with the opportunity to succeed.

Formal Research

Sarah Major, the visionary behind Child1st Publications, LLC, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of education. With a Master's degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts, she has a proven track record as a Title 1 Program Designer/Director, earning recognition with prestigious awards such as The Outstanding Parent Satisfaction and The Major Academic Program Improvement awards. Her dedication to creating innovative multisensory learning resources, including SnapWords®, Easy-for-Me™ Reading, Child1st Alphabet, the Right-Brained Math Series, and Right-Brained Phonics & Spelling has garnered widespread acclaim and numerous five-star reviews. Through Child1st's multisensory materials, Sarah Major has made significant contributions to advancing the education of children worldwide.

Secondary Research

It's incredible to witness the transformative impact our products wield within the classroom. Through rigorous collaboration with researchers, we've meticulously analyzed the effectiveness of our offerings.

Child Centered Design

At Child1st, our teaching resources are meticulously designed with the child at the forefront. Founder and creator, Sarah Major, followed a meticulous and painstaking process focused on putting the child first. Explore the journey behind the creation of our resources and witness the amazing results firsthand.

Underlying Philosophy

At Child1st, we're firm believers that when learning is engaging and captivating, children are naturally drawn to it. We understand that the brain is attracted to patterns, colors, and compelling hooks for learning, which is why our teaching resources are designed with these elements in mind. By incorporating vibrant visuals, interactive stories, and multisensory experiences, we create an environment where learning flourishes. We recognize the power of right-brained teaching methods and strive to infuse them into every aspect of our curriculum, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive.