About Child1st

Our Mission

We exist so that every child has an equal opportunity to learn in their own learning language!

Who We Are

Child1st was born out of a belief in the immaculate design of children and a passion to work in harmony with that design as we support kids in their education. The result is that everything we design and publish adheres to the high standard of reaching all types of learners successfully. Our mission is to empower children to learn from a position of strength, with an approach that works in harmony with their unique wiring. We aim to reach the 60% of children who are struggling or failing, because their natural strengths do not match their learning environment.

How We Got Our Start

During her time as a Title 1 Director, Sarah began creating educational resources that truly resonated with students. She recognized the importance of multisensory materials and worked tirelessly designing and testing her products. When she witnessed the remarkable impact they had on her students’ performance, Child1st was born.

Where We Are Now

What started as a fledgling one-person operation has grown, thanks to the internet and word of mouth, to reaching customers in every state in the USA, and in over one hundred countries in the world. Child1st has grown steadily, proving the fact that thousands of children, whether beginners, or those labeled with a variety of disabilities, benefit from having access to resources that speak to their own way of learning. And giving a child what makes sense to their brain will ignite in them a love for learning!
Helping kids for over 14 years
Available in all 50 states
Ships to over 150 countries

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