Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set E

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Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers were created to help every child become a skillful and confident reader. We accomplish this by carefully designing each reader to purposefully teach all needed skills before the child reads the book. No more guessing or struggling to figure out new, unknown words! Sound spellings taught in this set of books include short vowel spellings ED, IE, AI, UI, AU, OU, OUGH, AUGH, etc. 

Please download the Children's Readers E Scope and Sequence and see all the skills that are taught.

This Set of Readers teaches 113 new Snapwords® from SnapWords® List E and SnapWords® Verbs. The set also teaches suffixes and their meanings, and completes the sound spellings from the book The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns!

Teaching Tips

Teaching tips are provided with each book to prepare children for success before they read each title. These tips detail any new sight words used in the book as well as phonics concepts children will need to know.

Comprehension Questions

After reading each story, use the comprehension questions to help the child focus on the content of what they have read.

Leveled Readers Close Gaps

Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers, Sets are designed to be read in sequence, as the skills used in each build on each other and gradually increase in difficulty. These sets of Children’s Readers teach all needed skills explicitly so that there are no gaps in what the children know.

Treasure in the Pasture

Copper Harbor

Paul Talks

The Basement Apartment

The Merchant's Daughter

My Pirate Brother

We Were Rough and Tough

Does the Nile Flood?

Land of the Trembling Earth

Oscar: Resident Pioneer

Reindeer on the Seine

Extraordinary People

Petite Maria

Sheila, Neil, and Maria

Reaching the Heights

Islands all Around

Climbing Mount Everest

Youth Works

The Custodian

Michigan's Best Bakery

Marcia and Patricia

The Husband's Surprise

The Clarks Kids

The Gorgeous Bicycle

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