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SnapWords® List D Teaching Cards
SnapWords List D Words
SnapWords® List D Teaching Cards
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SnapWords® List D Teaching Cards

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SnapWords® List D is a great collection of words! Some families include the “igh” family (high, light, might, right), the “ould” family: (could, should, would), and sprinkles in some odd sound spellings! Consider the short A sound in “laugh”, the even odder spelling for “once” which sounds like “WUH.” The answer to decoding these strange spellings is to rely on the images in which SnapWords® are embedded! Children will “snap” a picture of the word complete with image, and that is exactly how it will be stored in their visual memory.


SnapWords® are available in two formats:

  • Physical refers to a hard copy we mail to you. 
  • Interactive Slideshows are digital slideshows with audio that that open in a browser window. They are not printable. Single user.
    ** Digital purchases are final. They may not be returned nor exchanged.

What's Included:

SnapWords® Teaching Cards includes free downloads of corresponding sections of SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and of Sight Words in Sentences. This offer is for online orders only.

SnapWords® comprise 75-90% of the words that appear in text your child reads. If your child masters all 643 SnapWords® sight words, he/she will be able to read most anything! 

List D includes: 55 high-frequency words. Each card is 5.5" wide by 4.25" tall.


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