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Easy-for-Me Teaching Kit 2


If you have used Easy-for-Me Teaching Kit 1, this Kit is “what’s next.”

Easy-for-Me™ Reading is a right-brained approach designed especially to teach all aspects of reading explicitly so that no child is left behind. It is visual, tactile, hands-on, and very effective where traditional approaches fall short. Use Kit One for your beginning readers and for children who have failed to learn to read to date.  

This Kit will be the starting point if your child:

  • Knows well all basic sounds including vowel sounds
  • Can read these words fluently (List A SnapWords®):


  • SnapWords® B, C, D, E, Nouns 1 (283 words)
  • The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns, 2nd Edition
  • Beyond Sight Words Activities A-E – over 1,000 leveled reading activities and teaching instructions
  • Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers B and C on a CD
  • How to Teach SnapWords®
  • Sight Words in Sentences


SnapWords® are the very best, most effective way of building an extensive sight word vocabulary without a child having to try and memorize and drill. All words are embedded in pictures that show the meaning of the word, engage the learner, and provide an unforgettable visual memory of the word. On the reverse of each SnapWords® card is the plain word for transitioning from pictures to text, and a body movement that mirrors the meaning of the word – perfect for kinesthetic and right-brained learners!

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns is the most effective way to help children make sense of how words are made. They learn visually and tactilely the spelling patterns that appear in the words in our language. All the sounds in our language are taught using jingles, cartoons that show meaning, and are arranged in ways that children will be able to remember visually and through the right-brain cues in each lesson. All lessons are reproducible, printable, and are ready to use.

Beyond Sight Words Activities A-E is a jaw-dropping collection of over 1,000 leveled games and activities that teach every aspect of reading visually, tactilely and in ways that totally engage children. Activities target essential components of effective reading instruction including:

  • Vocabulary and word recognition
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Alphabetic principle
  • Reading Fluency

Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers B and C on a CD are important tools to provide reading practice as you teach phonics and sight word concepts. The books come on a CD so you can print and give each child their own copy. Each of the stories are prefaced by a mini-lesson so you can be sure all skills are taught before children read. This way, kids experience success each time they read. There are a total of 46 little books that are leveled and increase in difficulty.

How to Teach SnapWords® is a great little resource that will provide you with games and activities to use as you teach SnapWords® using fun and effective, often whole-body, activities and games.

Sight Words in Sentences is a great book that provides reading practice for sight words in the context of sentences with very targeted language. If your student has passed a SnapWords® List of sight words, he/she will find the corresponding Level of words in the book and will practice reading in context. Teachers can use this book for an informal assessment to gauge how well the child knows his/her sight words.

Learn more about the Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 2:

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