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Sight Words in Sentences

Sight Words in Sentences

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As children acquire a sight word vocabulary, they need material containing the new words so they can practice reading them in the context of a sentence. While many books are created for reviewing sight words, doubtless none are as carefully designed as our Sight Words in Sentences.

This book is versatile and could become one of your most valuable tools: let your children read with a partner to check that they can read all the words in their list before they read to you for assessment and move on to the next list of words. The book is also ideal to use as writing prompts for further writing using the sight words. Another “done-for-you” resource!

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The book has five colors of pages, each color coordinating with a set of SnapWords®, Lists A-E. Each colored section contains 40 sentences made up of only the sight words in that list (List A has 40 sentences using only the sight words from List A, etc.).

200 sentences in all. Perfect-bound. 5.5" x 8.5". By Sarah Major.