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SnapWords® Classroom Kit

Unlock the doors to literacy with the SnapWords® Classroom Kit! This kit introduces students to the first six lists of SnapWords® from A to Numbers and Colors. Dive into a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional sight word instruction. The kit includes Beyond Sight Words Activities, a powerful resource that guides students through word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking. It's a powerful package designed to engage and empower learners on their journey to language mastery. With interactive cards, engaging activities, and comprehensive lessons, the SnapWords® Classroom Kit paves the way for a holistic and effective approach to reading. Elevate your classroom literacy experience and set your students on a path to success with the SnapWords® Classroom Kit!

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SnapWords® revolutionizes learning through a multi-faceted approach. Mini-Lessons combine visual, kinesthetic, and auditory elements, targeting various brain regions for a rich learning experience. 

With images embedded in words, SnapWords® accelerates comprehension by swiftly transmitting meaning. The colorful visuals not only tell mini-stories but also feature sentences for expanded understanding. 

Ideal for restless learners, SnapWords® captivates attention instantly, making it perfect for kinesthetic engagement. Transitioning from visuals to plain words is seamless, with minimal exposures often leading to mastery. 

Extend the SnapWords® journey with Sight Words in Sentences and Beyond Sight Words Activities for holistic language development. These activities, spanning vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency, align with SnapWords® Lists A-E, ensuring a comprehensive language experience.

SnapWords® Classroom Kit is available in three formats:

  • Physical  - physical SnapWords® Cards measuring 5.5" x 4.25" and physical instructional books
  • Download  - printable PDF files of both teacher and pocket size cards, as well as printable PDF files of the instructional books
  • Slideshows - include both Google Slides and PowerPoint formats with audio of SnapWords® Cards, and printable PDF files of the instructional books

Please note that Beyond Sight Words Activities are downloads, not physical products.

For those considering the SnapWords® 306 Kit, the SnapWords® Classroom Kit is the ideal companion. It includes additional copies of Sight Words in Sentences for extensive student practice and introduces Beyond Sight Words Activities, enriching instruction with a diverse range of activities.

SnapWords®, a compilation of over 640 high-frequency words, stands out for its multimodal approach, integrating images, body motions, and plain words to accommodate varied learning preferences. SnapWords® Mini-Lessons elevate learning with imaginative elements, infusing reading and spelling skills with correct word usage, writing practice, kinesthetic movement, and exploration of associated phonics concepts.

Sight Words in Sentences provide color-coded reading practice aligned with SnapWords® Lists, reinforcing comprehension and correct word usage. Beyond Sight Words Activities, designed for various difficulty levels, offer printable, skill-specific exercises covering word recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, writing, comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking. This leaves no room for guesswork, ensuring teachers confidently present material, and students effortlessly connect with strategies that match their unique processing styles.

The SnapWords® Classroom Kit is a versatile educational powerhouse encompassing SnapWords®, SnapWords® Mini-Lessons, Sight Words in Sentences, and Beyond Sight Words Activities. This comprehensive system is easily integrated, requiring no specialized training, and seamlessly adapts to diverse learning styles across the spectrum.

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What's Included

  • The SnapWords® Classroom Kit includes Lists A, B, C, D, E, and Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, & Seasons: 342 SnapWords® cards
  • SnapWords® Mini-Lessons 1 
  • 3 copies of Sight Words in Sentences
  • Beyond Sight Words Activities A, B, C, D, & E

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sight words important?

Sight words are critical in early literacy because they make up 80-90% of the words children encounter in text, and recognizing them instantly greatly simplifies reading, improving fluency and comprehension. These high-frequency words, such as "the" and "and," enhance reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence, laying the foundation for more advanced literacy skills, reducing cognitive load, and supporting performance on standardized tests and overall language development. In a nutshell, mastering sight words is essential for building strong reading skills in children.

What are SnapWords®?

SnapWords® are designed to cater to diverse learning styles, particularly accommodating visual learners who benefit from associating words with images, seeing the whole word before delving into details like phonics, spelling, and decoding. This approach begins with presenting the entire word, allowing learners to establish a visual memory of the word's form before exploring spelling patterns and phonics rules, ultimately empowering them to tackle more complex, unfamiliar words. While sequential methods typically start with teaching details before introducing the whole word, SnapWords® recognize that right-brain dominant learners thrive by grasping words and phonics holistically.

For individuals with a left-brain dominant learning style, who think in words and handle abstractions adeptly, the images on the front of the cards may appear redundant or distracting. The unadorned word on the back may align better with their preferences. However, for right-brained visual learners, the inclusion of images is indispensable. These images enable them to create a mental picture and store the entire word in visual memory, matching their cognitive style. This image then serves as a recall anchor, even when they encounter the plain word. If asked how they remember the word while reading, they will often attribute it to the image stored in their visual memory.

SnapWords® take a comprehensive approach by incorporating body motion to engage kinesthetic learners, activating body memory. Additionally, the inclusion of sentences aids in comprehending and using words correctly within the context of sentences. This multifaceted method ensures that SnapWords® address various learning preferences and provide a holistic learning experience.

Which SnapWords® list should I start with?

When introducing sight words to your child, the appropriate starting point depends on their familiarity with these words. If your child is a beginner, commence with List A. However, if your child has some prior exposure to sight words, it's essential to assess their knowledge. Begin with List A and have them read the words aloud. They should be able to recognize and read these words quickly, without the need to sound them out. If your child successfully reads all the words in the list, advance to the next list and repeat the evaluation process. In cases where your child encounters words they need to sound out, it's advisable to commence with that specific list. Initiating with a list that contains words they already know provides a confidence boost and helps them transition to this new approach to learning.

SnapWords® Assessments

What is the difference between Teaching Cards and Pocket Chart Cards?

The Teaching Cards come in a convenient size of 5.5" in width and 4.25" in height, making them perfect for group instruction. If you prefer a more compact option, the Pocket Chart Size Cards are half the dimensions, measuring 4.25" in width and 2.75" in height. These smaller cards are excellent for small group activities and independent practice, offering flexibility in how you use the materials.