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SnapWords® Classroom Kit


The SnapWords® Classroom Kit contains all the materials you will need to not only teach your students how to recognize sight words, but you will have hundreds of games and activities you and print and use that will teach phonics concepts, reinforce phonemic awareness, give students practice with writing, and more.

This kit includes:

  • 306 SnapWords® Teaching Cards - introduce each word and develops sight word recognition by drawing on the child's strong visual sense.

  • Beyond Sight Words Activities A-E builds skills in phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, and phonics - Just print and use!

  • 3 copies of Sight Words in Sentences - create a perfect follow-up to learning sight words, as the highly targeted language in the book provides effective practice and review with high frequency words. Pair up your students so they can help each other review.

  • SnapWords® Mini-Lessons a book full of vocabulary teaching activities and literacy games that will help you use the stylized SnapWords® to teach children to instantly recognize words on sight.  Mini-Lessons will walk you through exactly what to do as you teach each SnapWord®

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