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At Child1st, we are dedicated to empowering children with diverse learning styles and those facing unique challenges such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and Down Syndrome. Our mission is to enable children not only to succeed but to truly flourish!

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SnapWords® List A Teaching Cards

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach sight words to your child? These cards are designed to help children learn 59 high-frequency words using colorful images and body motions.

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“SnapWords are so fantastic! My daughter has been struggling with sight words for so long and these just clicked for her. She loves playing with them and writing sentences and acting out the action to go with the word. I've seen a huge improvement on her recall.”
Teachers Pay Teachers Customer
“Yes!! Thank you so much!! I call your SnapWords nothing less than a miracle. I recommend them to everyone I know, in every group I belong to!! I can not even explain the immediate difference in word recognition. Within 1 week my daughter can go from not knowing the word, to reading it without pictures. I have all of your products now. Just started adding in the Easy For Me (set 3) Books. And just ordered the Math. I'm praying the math will be just as beneficial!!! Can't wait to try it out next week!! You are truly a blessing to those few of us with visual learners!!”
Heather Handley Klauber
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My youngest son is developmentally delayed and recently diagnosed with mild Cortical Vision Impairment. He has repeated kindergarten and was promoted to first grade due to age. He turned 8 this past September. He is in the life skills program because the regular classroom curriculum is too difficult. Life skills isn't the right fit either but it's all that is available.In the spring of this year, his kindergarten special education teacher used a small sample (about 20 words) of your reading cards with him. Finally, he could read! When he moved from the kindergarten campus to the primary campus this fall, he did not have access to SnapWords. I got the 307 word set for Christmas. In one week, he has added about 15 words he can read to the 20 he already knew. We are so excited at his progress and he is very proud of himself. Thank you for creating these products! I will be back for more!”
Leslie Morgan
“My 5-year-old has trouble retaining information. I needed to try something new, I'm not a teacher and I would try just about anything I could find on the internet to try to help her with her letters/sight words. Another kindergarten teacher told me about Snapwords. I googled them and immediately became excited! .... then I saw the price. I wasn't sure I could spend that much money. My daughter came to sit in my lap while I was looking at the company and her face lit up and said, "I know what that says, 'Wash.'" She was right! The sight word in the screen was Wash. I almost cried! I just ordered a set of flash cards from Amazon. I can not wait to start using these at home! Thank you!”
Amanda Perez-Ramirez
“Love!!! I'm a Kindergarten teacher and these cards are terrific for my struggling readers and English Learners. The picture cue really helps students attach meaning to the sight word and improves recall and long-term retention. Struggling students are able to learn words twice as fast by using the scaffolded side (picture side) first and then moving to the plain side. I was so pleased that I purchased sets A, B, and C. These three sets include most of the 100 words that my students have to learn by the end of Kindergarten. Highly recommend!”
Kinder_Teacher, Amazon

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