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Right-Brained Math Series Books

Many of the popular math series options today are geared towards the left brain learner who is sequential, detailed, repetitive and often textually plain or black and white.

However, what happens to our children who learn differently? Children who see the whole picture rather than small pieces; and respond to color, patterns, or pictures? Children who are right brain learners, who are absolutely capable of learning, often fall through the cracks or receive unnecessary labels.

The Right-Brained Math Series Books meet the math needs of the visual spatial learner, kinesthetic/tactile learner, right brain learner, or other children with unique learning situations that do not understand the typical left brain focused math programs.

With Right Brain Math your child will:

  • Understand math
  • Learn via visuals & stories
  • Enjoy hands-on activities
  • Work from learning strengths

    When a child has a resource that is designed for his learning strengths, he/she will succeed.