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Eli's Books Children's Readers

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Eli’s Books Children’s Readers are not only beloved read-alouds for preschoolers but also valuable tools for enhancing reading fluency in children learning SnapWords® Lists A-C. With engaging stories and colorful illustrations, these readers captivate young minds and encourage a love for reading from an early age. Whether enjoyed as part of a group read-aloud session or used for independent reading practice, Eli’s Books Children’s Readers offer a delightful way for children to build their reading skills and confidence.

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Eli’s Books Children’s Readers stand out as captivating and educational resources that cater to both preschoolers and early readers. These delightful books are perfect for read-aloud sessions with preschoolers, captivating their imaginations with engaging stories and vibrant illustrations. Children eagerly immerse themselves in the colorful pages, fostering a love for reading from a young age.

Moreover, these readers serve as valuable tools for building reading fluency in children who are learning SnapWords® Lists A-C. With carefully crafted stories and controlled vocabulary, Eli’s Books Children’s Readers provide the ideal platform for children to practice and reinforce their reading skills. As they encounter SnapWords® incorporated seamlessly into the text, young readers gain confidence in recognizing and reading these essential sight words.

Whether used during storytime sessions or as part of structured reading practice, Eli’s Books Children’s Readers offer a versatile and effective approach to early literacy development. They provide a bridge between the joy of storytelling and the foundational skills needed for reading success, making them a cherished resource for educators, parents, and young readers alike.

Eli’s Children’s Readers are only available in physical format:

  • Physical   physical set of books measuring 5.5” x 5.5”, softcover, available in single sets or 7 packs

Eli's Books Children's Readers invite young readers on an exciting journey alongside two-year-old Eli as he embarks on adventures filled with exploration, learning, and growth. With the guidance of his family and friends, Eli discovers the wonders of the world around him, from the thrill of baiting a hook during a fishing trip to the joy of baking cookies using kitchen tools. Through each captivating story, children accompany Eli as he explores various aspects of nature, from the enchanting woods to the bustling garden, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder.

These delightful readers offer young children engaging narratives that not only entertain but also educate, providing valuable insights into everyday experiences and activities. As readers follow Eli's adventures, they learn about important life skills, develop vocabulary, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the world they live in. With Eli as their relatable guide, children are inspired to embrace new experiences, spark their imagination, and embark on their own adventures of discovery and learning.

Books that correspond with SnapWords® List A

  • Eli Goes Fishing
  • Eli Meets His Shadow
  • Eli Hears Music

Books that correspond with SnapWords® List B

  • Eli Explores Outside
  • Eli Makes Cookies
  • Eli’s Cross Day
  • Eli Picks Berries 

Books that correspond with SnapWords® List C
*SnapWords® Number, Colors, Days, Months, & Seasons would also go well with these books

  • Eli’s Fall Day
  • Eli’s Winter Day
  • Eli’s Spring Day
  • Eli’s Summer Day

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What's Included

  • Eli’s Children’s Readers include 11 full-color, 24-page stories with storage sleeve

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sight words important?

Sight words are critical in early literacy because they make up 80-90% of the words children encounter in text, and recognizing them instantly greatly simplifies reading, improving fluency and comprehension. These high-frequency words, such as "the" and "and," enhance reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence, laying the foundation for more advanced literacy skills, reducing cognitive load, and supporting performance on standardized tests and overall language development. In a nutshell, mastering sight words is essential for building strong reading skills in children.

How can I help my struggling reader?

Embrace a holistic approach to learning to read, one that engages multiple regions of the brain and the body—a comprehensive "whole body/brain learning" strategy. This method taps into the brain's optimal learning mode, which is through sensory input encompassing body movement, visuals, tactile experiences, and tangible objects, as opposed to static images. To effectively support kinesthetic learners, consider the following tips: encourage physical replication, link abstract concepts to tangibles, involve hands-on learning, employ multimodal teaching, and integrate problem-solving with tangible objects. 

Complete the learning cycle to ensure the learning process forms a full circle. When you teach through all three modalities, the second step involves allowing the child time to deepen their understanding by drawing, writing a phrase using the new word, and illustrating it. The final step is when the child can articulate and demonstrate what they've learned, showing you the drawings they've created and discussing their learning journey. This process ensures that information is absorbed, organized, and committed to long-term memory, and then it is shared verbally and tangibly—an exceptionally effective and beautiful learning approach.


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