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SnapWords® List Preschool Teaching Cards


We believe that a preschooler’s exposure to academics should be limited, but we also believe that there are ways to provide a solid background to academics via stories, colorful images, and body movements.

Without trying to overtly teach anything, you can read to your preschooler and move with her. You can talk about what you see in pictures with him. Images, stories and movements are powerful vehicles for learning and remembering, so we use them liberally!

List Preschool includes: 59 introductory words collected just for preschoolers from within various SnapWords® Lists. Note: if you have a 607 SnapWords® Kit, these words are in your kit.

Words included in List Preschool:

baby, ball, bed, bike, bird, boat, book, boot, box, boy, bus

car, cat, chair, children, city, coat, crab, dad, desk, dog, ears

eyes, fat, feet, fire, fish, flower, food, friend, giant, girl, grass

hair, hand, hat, head, home, house, mom, plant, rain, river, rock

sand, shirt, shoe, snake, snow, spider, stick, storm, sun, tree

water, wind, woman, world, worm.


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