Purchase Orders

Purchase orders may be faxed (888-886-1636), emailed (orders@child1st.com), uploaded (see below) or mailed (PO Box 150226, Grand Rapids, MI 49515).

All orders must include a purchase order number, shipping (see below for rates), and signature of approval in order to be processed and shipped. Once the order is processed, an invoice will be sent to the appropriate office.

Terms: All purchase orders are net 30.

Free shipping and special offers not valid on purchase orders.

Shipping Rates:

$1.00-$19.99 = $4.95

$20.00-$99.99 = 15%

$100.00-$499.99 = 10%

$500.00-$999.99 = 5%

$1,000.00+ = 3%

Purchase Orders are shipped UPS.

International POs:

Please contact us before submitting PO. Prices are subject to change due to conversion rates. Shipping rates above may not apply. International POs are shipped USPS Priority Mail. POs shipped outside of the USA must prepay before product will be shipped out.

Purchase Order FAQ:

Internet discounts and coupon codes are not valid on purchase orders.

You can find our catalog here for a printable version of our products & pricing.

See a printable version of our latest W9 form for your records.

If you would like a quote, please complete the form here.

If you would like to upload a Purchase Order, please use this form: