Top 5 Learning Games to Play with Your Kids During Holiday Break Child1st Publications
Dec 01, 2021

Top 5 Learning Games to Play with Your Kids During Holiday Break

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Our family loves to play card and board games, especially during the Holiday break.  These games are not only fun for the whole family, but they teach children valuable skills!  Oftentimes, our children are having so much fun they don't realize they are learning. 

Here are five games our children love to play:

  1. Uno – Uno is great for number recognition and visual discrimination! Children love analyzing these cards to detect different colors, shapes, and patterns.  It is also a great way to teach your child sportsmanship!  
  2. Skip-Bo Junior – Easily my favorite, children learn number sequencing along with addition while playing this classic game.  
  3. What do you Meme Family Edition - Memes are everywhere, and they are funny! This silly game teaches children how to interpret facial expressions while providing laughs along the way! 
  4. Puzzles – Puzzles are great for cognitive development, and by the way is there a better feeling than placing that last piece of the puzzle into its spot to complete the picture?
  5. Castle Quest – Our very own collaborative learning adventure!  Teach children sight words with this engaging game while adventuring to the Castle!  


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