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7 Reasons Snap Words Work for Struggling Readers

7 Reasons SnapWords® Work for Struggling Readers

Why Use SnapWords® Sight Words? At first glance they offer a little flicker of hope to the child. They are different, colorful, engaging, funny at times, and easy to capture in a blink of an eye. Here are 7 reasons to reach for SnapWords® at the first sign of trouble.

Snap Words to Plain Words Transitional Games

SnapWords® to Plain Words: Transitional Games

Children with a variety of learning styles or learning needs will benefit from having support as they make the transition from SnapWords® to plain text. The more fun the activity is, the more engaged the child will be in the art of learning to read.

How to Teach Right Brained Phonics and Spelling Successfully Child1st Publications

How to Teach Right-Brained Phonics and Spelling Successfully

The English language is very confusing and contradictory to many children. We can spot them because they are also the children who struggle to read. It’s as simple as that! The Right-Brained Phonics and Spelling Kit will be your best helper when demystifying this language for your brand new or struggling readers.

How to Teach Snap Words Most Effectively Child1st Publications

How to Teach SnapWords® Most Effectively

You’ve opened your Kit and have all those lovely, colorful words ready to introduce to your students! Now what? What is the very best way to teach SnapWords® efficiently and effectively?

10 Reasons to Love the Updated I Can Sing from 1 to 10

10 Reasons to Love the Updated I Can Sing from 1 to 10

For young children learning is best done naturally through story, vivid pictures, music, and body movement. I Can Sing from 1 to 10 is a delightful way to introduce young children to numbers and counting in a way that links number symbols and names.