Reading Comprehension Spelling Snap Words Can Help

Reading, Comprehension, & Spelling: SnapWords® Can Help

Very often when children are learning to read, they focus so much on naming words that they don’t absorb the meaning of the words they are reading. I'd like to suggest some tools and strategies that will go a long way toward helping children improve their reading comprehension over time.

The Reading Journey Continues Easyfor Me Teaching Kit 2

The Reading Journey Continues: Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 2

The Easy-For-Me™ Program is so effective because the multi-sensory approach to learning engages your child on all levels, utilizing the strengths and gifts of their own learning style.

Start the Reading Journey Easyfor Me Teaching Kit 1

Start the Reading Journey: Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1

The Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1 contains everything you need to teach a child to read. This Kit begins at zero and finishes at first-grade level. Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1 explicitly teaches Kindergarten and 1st grade reading skills.

Why Easyfor Me Childrens Readers are so Effective Child1st Publications

Why Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers are so Effective

There are <em>so</em> many children’s readers out there, but children’s readers are not all created equal! When kids are learning to read, they need access to books that are specifically designed for them; books that take into account the skills they are learning and that provide comprehensive practice with those skills.

How the 301 Snap Words Kit Adds Comprehension and Fluency to Learning Sight Words

How the 301 SnapWords® Kit Adds Comprehension and Fluency to Learning Sight Words

While both the 306 and 301 SnapWords® Kits are designed to help your students recognize essential sight words instantly, the additional focus of the 301 SnapWords® Kit is on adding other essential reading skills such as comprehension.

Deepen Reading Instruction with Snap Words Complete Classroom Kit Child1st Publications

Deepen Reading Instruction with SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit

Our SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit will equip you to begin instruction on the level of each student, and will empower you to help all your students become skilled readers.

Right Brained Fractions Child1st Publications

Right-Brained Fractions

Right Brained Alphabet Parent Kit Child1st Publications

Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit

The Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit is our response to the traditional way of teaching young children the alphabet.  With our colorful illustrations, engaging stories, and tactile activities, children will learn effortlessly while doing all the things they enjoy.

Why Snap Words are Crucial for Beginning Readers Child1st Publications

Why SnapWords® are Crucial for Beginning Readers

SnapWords® can be learned as quickly and effectively as a mental camera snapping a picture of the word and its meaning. Most struggling readers need images to help them read, and until they learn to make them for themselves, use SnapWords® to jump start them into reading fluency.