Right-Brained Learners

A Right Brained Way to Teach Young Children to Count Child1st Publications

How to Teach Young Children to Count: A Right-Brained Approach

We believe that if a child is attracted to learning, learning will happen! If the task is boring and uninteresting, results will be mixed. So what attracts the brain to learn? Patterns, color, hooks for learning, story, and all those right-brained teaching elements which are so underutilized in traditional classrooms!

How to Teach a Right Brained Learner to Tell Time Child1st Publications

How to Teach a Right-Brained Learner to Tell Time

In this age of digital everything, children can usually avoid struggling to read an old-timey analog clock. They can see a display such as 9:15 and glibly read the numbers to you. But do they really understand the meaning behind the pair of numbers?

How To Increase Literacy Proficiency Rates Blog Banner

How To Increase Literacy Proficiency Rates: Carrie Thurston Shares Her Findings

9 Tips for Teaching Right Brained Learners Child1st Publications

9 Tips for Teaching Right-Brained Learners to Read

Our educational system takes a linear, analytical approach to teaching children to read. Those children who are linear and analytical do well within that system, as do children who have a good support system at home and at school. But right-brained kids need an approach that honors their brain's wiring and an approach that offers them equity in learning.

Is Your Child a Right Brained Dominant Learner Child1st Publications

Is Your Child a Right-Brained Dominant Learner?

Do you suspect your child is a right-brained learner? Right-brained children have a unique way of taking in and processing information. They possess amazing gifts and talents, and the more we understand and harness those strengths, the more successful we will be in teaching them. This blog describes right-brained learners and their most common characteristics, what happens when they are under stress, and describes the strengths of right-brained learners.

The Snap Words System Science of Reading Same Content Different Delivery

The SnapWords® System & Science of Reading: Same Content, Different Delivery

SnapWords® is a research-based, carefully designed system that inextricably marries sight word recognition with explicit phonics instruction. SnapWords® are over 640 high frequency words with lessons for each word that include phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics/orthography/automatic word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. So far, as far as content goes, The SnapWords® System and Science of Reading are identical in every particular… except one.

What is Right Brained Learning

What is Right-Brained Learning?

There are specific characteristics that define the right-brain learner and set them apart from their left-brained counterparts. Right-brained learners are identified by how they take in information, how they process it, and how they most easily remember what they learn. When we speak of right-brained learning, then, we are referring to what is most natural for them in terms of how they process information.

What Is Right Brained Learning Child1st Publications

An Overview of Right-Brained Learning

What we are doing is actually enlisting the aid of the right-brained talents and putting them to use to help left-brained concepts come to life. BOTH hemispheres are working at the same time.

Tips for Helping a Right Brained Child Write in a Left Brained Sequential Way

Tips for Helping a Right-Brained Child Write in a Left-Brained, Sequential Way

A picture is worth 1,000 words and yet even those 1,000 words cannot adequately convey the images the child is seeing in her head. The attempts to translate that colorful image into a sequence of words to convey to another person what she is seeing often causes a huge amount of discouragement!

Five Right Brained Tools For Teaching Multiplication Division Child1st Publications

Five Right-Brained Tools For Teaching Multiplication & Division

How to Make Flashcards that Truly Help Right Brained Learners Child1st Publications

How to Make Flashcards that Truly Help Right-Brained Learners

Flash cards are NOT created equal. Where they get a bad rap is when they are used for trying to drill and cram for a test, using stark, boring memorization. The outcome of this sort of study varies wildly from child to child.

7 Steps for Teaching Right Brained Learners to Read Sight Words Child1st Publications

7 Steps for Teaching Right-Brained Learners to Read Sight Words

If your right-brained child is learning the sounds that letters represent, why not jump right in and teach the sounds from within whole sight words? Since they are big-picture thinkers, right-brained learners are most successful when you start at what we'd typically consider to be the end and move toward the beginning.

What Happens When We Teach a Right Brained Learner in a Left Brained Fashion Child1st Publications

What Happens When We Teach a Right-Brained Learner in a Left-Brained Fashion?

One factor that exacerbates an already difficult situation is what happens in the brain when stress occurs. If you take a primarily right-brained learner, put her into a logic/sequential educational setting, the result is going to be stress for the child.

Infographic What Happens When Right Brain Learners Go To School Child1st Publications

Infographic: What Happens When Right-Brain Learners Go to School

While our whole brain is engaged with anything we do - people are primarily Left- or Right-Hemisphere dominant in regards to how they learn. Our school system is structured to work for 15% of children.

How to Harness the Visual Powers of the Right Brained Learner Child1st Publications

How to Harness the Visual Powers of the Right-Brained Learner

This method of teaching cuts through the confusion of all the teaching details that did <em>not</em> help them and took them straight to the core of the learning that resulted in their being able to read, spell, and write. It is not the method that is incredible, but the capacity of the child’s brain to learn beautifully when we give it what it needs.

Standardized Testing and the Right Brained Learner Child1st Publications

Standardized Testing and the Right-Brained Learner

Testing can be a stressful time for both parent and child! The good news is that even if your child doesn’t perform as well as you had hoped, there is good reason to be optimistic! What we need to do is be prepared and be ready to carry out a good plan of action should test scores be less than stellar.

Why School can be Hard for a Right Brained Learner Child1st Publications

Why School Can be Hard for a Right-Brained Learner

The reality is that we are teaching our right-brained population in a severely left-brained manner, and when they fail, we break learning down into an even more left-brained fashion. What results is a totally unnecessary tragedy for each of those learners.