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Strategies for Right-Brained Learners

How to Teach Right-Brained Learners

Right-brained children learn differently from left-brained children. The more we understand how right-brained children learn, the easier it will be to create lessons that reach both left-and right-brained learners. This blog post will provide tips for creating a right-brained lesson and will give you an example of left-brained content made right-brained friendly. The lesson is free to download and use!

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How to Teach Phonics: Make the Biggest Impact in 30 Minutes a Day

In my classroom, as in every classroom everywhere, time was at a premium. There just wasn’t enough time to adequately reach every learner under my care using separate lesson plans that targeted their learning needs. Also, in my room were an unusually large number of special needs kids who were being mainstreamed. I decided to conquer what seemed to be an impossible challenge by carving out 30 minutes every morning for teaching phonics: the one skill that presents the biggest roadblock for children learning to read, thus the best use of my time! What is Phonics? Exactly Where Reading Struggles Begin! So many children struggle with phonics: knowledge of the structure of language and how to represent the sounds (phonemes) in words with letters (graphemes). Finding...

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How Child1st Meets the Challenge of RTI

When basic skills are missing, learning problems will only deepen with each passing year. When students struggle with reading, it makes learning anything else a serious challenge. It is far better to effectively address learning issues as soon as they appear. RTI came about in order to address this very problem.

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