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Math Kits

Our right brain math resources and games make learning and understanding math easy because we utilize all the right brain elements that come naturally to right-brain, kinesthetic, and visual/spatial learners.

If your child struggles with math and traditional teaching methods are not working, it is possible your child is a visual, kinesthetic, or right-brain learner. The reason math is hard for so many children is that math is taught in a hyper left-brained fashion. What right-brained kids need to grasp math concepts include understanding the meaning behind what they are doing, relevance to their own lives, images showing what is happening, patterns that exist in arrays of numbers and so forth.

 Our Math Kits offer all the elements visual, kinesthetic, and right-brained learners need.

 ✔  Visuals in full color 

 ✔ Personification of symbols 

 ✔ Stories bring the process to life

 ✔ Numbers are arranged in patterns 

 ✔ Body motions and hands-on activities