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Sight Words Teaching Cards

SnapWords® - Perfect for Children who Can't Remember Words

Roughly 60% of children struggle with learning to read because they don’t learn the way we traditionally teach reading. Generally, struggling readers need to learn a collection of high-frequency whole words first, and then they can learn to break words apart into their sound spellings. They learn from whole to part, in other words. SnapWords® Teaching Cards is a collection of 643 words that appear most frequently in texts children read. The easiest way to help your child learn sight words is to use words embedded in pictures thus providing right-brained, visual hooks for learning and remembering sight words.  For children who struggle with reading, SnapWords® is the answer. SnapWords® are words embedded in pictures, which have a body movement that captivates kinesthetic and tactile learners. Children who benefit from these right-brained sight word teaching cards include beginners, visual and right-brain learners, kinesthetic learners, children with dyslexia and autism, ADHD, those with reading “disabilities” and English Language Learners.

SnapWords® Teaching Cards come inside cardboard storage sleeves to keep your words organized and ready to go!

SnapWords® Teaching Cards are 5.5" x 4.25".  There are 643 SnapWords® grouped into 11 Lists of sight words.