Sight Words Teaching Cards

SnapWords® - Reading success for beginners and struggling readers

Children just learning to read often get stuck trying to sound everything out. Reading becomes tedious and something to be avoided. Imagine the difference if they could learn most of their words using pictures and body movement - the most natural ways for young children to learn! Once they understand the function of letters and words and understand what reading is, it will be much easier to break those words into their parts and teach phonics concepts, which will then help them to read new words they come across.

Children who are struggling with reading are greatly benefited by using SnapWords® to get them over their obstacles to reading. Some roadblocks to reading include children getting stuck decoding everything. Children just not remembering words they did sound out, so they have to sound them out every time. Children not being able to sound out words because by the time they are three letters into the word, they have forgotten the beginning sounds. SnapWords® have made an enormous difference for thousands of children who once found reading too difficult.