Sight Words Teaching Cards

SnapWords® - Perfect for Children who Can't Remember Words

The easiest way for children to learn sight words is to use words with pictures and body movements -- right-brained hooks essential to visual and kinesthetic learners. SnapWords® are words embedded in pictures, which also have a related body movement. There are 643 words that appear most frequently in texts children read. 

Roughly 60% of children struggle with learning to read. Generally, struggling readers need to learn a collection of high-frequency whole words first, and then they can learn to break words apart into their sound spellings. They learn from whole to part – from big picture to detail. Children who benefit from these right-brained SnapWords® Teaching Cards include beginners, visual and right-brain learners, kinesthetic learners, children with dyslexia and autism, ADHD, those with reading “disabilities” and English Language Learners.

SnapWords® Teaching Cards come inside storage sleeves to keep your words organized and ready to go! SnapWords® Teaching Cards are 5.5" x 4.25". There are 643 SnapWords® grouped into 11 Lists of sight words.