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SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit


SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit contains everything you might need to not only teach sight word recognition, but you will have the tools you need to teach spelling and sound spelling concepts in a way that children will remember. Teaching tools included in this Kit will give you materials you need to stock independent reading centers where children can partner up and work on their skills together.

The Complete Classroom Kit includes a comprehensive collection of highly effective multisensory resources to successfully teach high-frequency words to your class! 

This Kit includes:

  • 607 SnapWords® Teaching Cards - perfect for initial teaching of each word, including word recognition and word meaning.
  • 607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards to equip your independent reading centers - great for independent review and practice activities.
  • 3-pack of the Complete Sight Words in Sentences to provide highly targeted language for children as they practice reading their sight words in real text -children work in pairs to review.
  • The Illustrated Book of Sounds and Their Spelling Patterns, 2nd Edition for learning phonics and spelling.
  • SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary, 2nd Edition. A quick reference for teachers. Find each word, its sentence and body motion.
  • SnapWords® Mini-Lessons - which will tell you exactly what to teach and how to teach each SnapWord® including all aspects of reading.

SnapWords® products are crucial for teaching sight word recognition to students with a wide range of learning styles, including visual learners, those labeled with ADD/ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, and right-brained learners.

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