Teaching Cards Kits

How Will SnapWords® Help Your Visual or Kinesthetic Learner?

 Children stop sounding out every word

 The whole word is captured as a picture 

 Reading fluency and comprehension will improve

  Body motions will help kinesthetic and tactile learners 

  Children can use their learning strengths  

There are four SnapWords® Teaching Kits with all resources included to make it easy for you to teach sight words successfully: The 306 Kit contains all the Dolch words and more, the 301 Kit completes the set, while the 607 SnapWords® Kit is a combination of the first two kits and contains a total of 643 essential sight words taken from Dolch, Fry, & Fountas & Pinnell! The SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit contains everything you might need to teach sight word recognition and gives you the tools you need to teach spelling and sound spelling concepts.