SnapWords® Integrated

You are interested in teaching sight words to your students, but you would like to go beyond teaching words. You can integrate sight words acquisition with essential reading skills by selecting a Kit that is especially designed to do that.

You can start by teaching SnapWords® and then springboard into essential reading skills or an in-depth study of phonics, spelling, and advanced words decoding.


The SnapWords® Difference

Sight words embedded in images accompanied by a body motion make it possible for all your learners to be successful. Gone is the need for drill and memorization. After introducing each word using SnapWords® Teaching Cards, our supporting resources will empower you to broaden your study to include important reading skills using hands-on activities that are done for you!

For Grade 1:

Teach SnapWords® Integrated With Essential Reading Skills

The SnapWords® Classroom Kit contains 342 of the most important words your students need to know. This Kit contains the SnapWords® Essentials. To this base we have added a CD of 25 different levels of printable, ready-to-use activities that teach the essential reading skills: alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, phonics, writing, spelling, critical thinking, and comprehension. Round out your toolkit with three copies of Sight Words in Sentences that provide your students (individually or in pairs) to practice reading their words in context.

For Grades 2 And Up:

Teach All SnapWords® Integrated With Phonics, Spelling, And Complex Words Decoding

The SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit is a powerhouse collection! You will have 643 SnapWords® in both the teaching card size (to use for teaching the words) and the child-sized cards for them to use in sentence building in a pocket chart or in a center). You will have the tools to dive deep into all the spelling patterns in our language using one resource that allows for multiple skill levels. Supporting teaching books will make looking up words and their information a breeze. The sky is the limit to what your students will learn using engaging and kid-friendly approaches that offer success to differing learning styles.