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SnapWords are a tried and true method to help your child or student: engage with the material, unlock their potential, and master their sight words. Trusted by parents and teachers across the globe with more than 30,000 sold.

“These cards are a wonderful addition to our literacy program! Thank you for designing child friendly learning materials that engage and stick!”
Alex P.
“This is a wonderful addition to my classroom as it will help everyone, especially the visual learners.”
Rebecca M.
“SnapWords are so fantastic! My daughter has been struggling with sight words for so long and these just clicked for her. She loves playing with them and writing sentences and acting out the action to go with the word. I've seen a huge improvement on her recall.”
Teachers Pay Teachers Customer
“These cards have been so helpful for my students. So many times they "blank" on a sight word and often a simple reminder from me about the picture, or part of the sentence, is all they need to recall the word "independently". I now have Lists A-D, as my students are making such wonderful progress”
Joanne E.
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