Alphabet Teaching Cards

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Alphabet Teaching Cards are designed to use as a follow-up after reading Alphabet Tales. Each colored image on the front of each card reflects the title image from the Tales, while the reverse of each card provides a handy reminder of how to teach children to write each letter, and how to form the letter with their hands.

Finally, there is a craft/activity to accompany each letter that will give children time to let their new-found knowledge go into long term memory. The real power for linking alphabet symbols to their sounds lies in reading Alphabet Tales while children enjoy the pictures. There will be no need for the children to memorize or drill letters and their sounds. The stories and images will do all the heavy lifting.

1. Read the first story and just enjoy the storyline and the images without overtly teaching anything.
2. Show the child the related Alphabet Teaching Card, and talk about the picture.
3. Say the jingle (ex: “Amy’s ants on an anthill, actually.” Let your child recall the storyline.
4. Do the hand motion for the letter which is found on the back of the card.
5. Practice writing the letter on a whiteboard, or use dry-erase Alphamats.
6. Finally, provide needed supplies to complete the craft detailed on the back of each card.

Each card is 5.5” wide by 4.25” tall.


Watch the video and learn more about Alphabet Teaching Cards!

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