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Classroom Kits

SnapWords® Classroom Kits - With Integrated Phonics

For children who can't seem to learn sight words, SnapWords® Kits are the answer. They work when other resources don’t as they engage students and allow them to learn in a meaningful and permanent way. SnapWords® Kits contain sight words embedded in pictures, and supplemental teaching resources that are ready to pick up and use as you teach your children sight words. 

SnapWords® Classroom Kits contain everything you need to teach a group of children to learn to read sight words, and include reading comprehension, sound spellings, phonics concepts, and usage of words. 

"Sight words have been a huge hurdle for my otherwise developing little reader who has word retrieval issues. We'd tried other multisensory instruction methods (on top of so, so, so much practice) but before SnapWords® there were no sight words that came automatically. (This includes "a" and "I")"