SnapWords® Classroom Kit


What does it do?

SnapWords® Classroom Kit is perfect for the teacher who wants her students to successfully learn their sight words, but who also wants them to acquire important reading skills using those sight words. With each level of sight words learned, Beyond Sight Words Activities, which is included in the kit, will lead students through word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking. Best of all, SnapWords® will keep students who would normally have trouble learning words, from falling behind their peers. You will see your students meet and exceed learning goals.

Who is it for?

Children who are:

  1. Level the learning field for all students in regular classrooms
  2. In resource or special education classes
  3. ESOL
  4. Beginners

What makes it different?

Concepts and content are delivered visually & kinesthetically. Visual learning happens instantly when concepts such as letters and words are embedded in images. Body motions combine with visuals to make learning unforgettable. Reading is taught from whole to part which resonates with how many children learn best.

How does it work?

  1. Start with highest-frequency whole words embedded in images.
  2. Children learn to read these words fluently and read them in context.
  3. As they learn words, we break them apart in order to teach essential reading skills:
    • Phonics concepts & sound spellings
    • Spelling and writing
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Comprehension & fluency
    • Writing and more
  1. The result of using this approach:
    • Children will be empowered by using their own learning strengths
    • Children will regain confidence in their ability to learn
    • Children will learn about how they learn, which will help them in the future
    • Children will be able to keep pace with their peers
    • Children will be able to break out of the cycle of failure

      What’s in the kit?

      • 342 SnapWords® high-frequency words (220 Dolch, 218 Fry, & 231 Fountas & Pinnell)
      • SnapWords® Mini-Lessons - how to teach each sight word and words related by sound spellings
      • 3 Sight Words in Sentences - practice reading in context
      • CD of 1,279 printable pages of hands-on activities that correlate with SnapWords® and Mini-Lessons. 25 levels of difficulty. Activities include:
        • word recognition
        • phonemic awareness
        • comprehension
        • critical thinking
        • writing, and more!

      Teacher Reviews

      "The snap words are a blessing for my SPED students." - Dora G.

      "These sight word flash cards helped my special education students in reading so much this year." - Tiana A.

      "These cards help teach a variety of learning styles, can't wait to see the progress my students will make this year practicing these together!" - Karley G.

      "I use these daily with my k-1 SPED students. My students have experienced success in reading because of these. Thank you so much!" - Sharon P.

      "Love these cards for my Special Education students!"

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