Child1st | Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement

Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement
Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement
Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement
Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement
Child1st Math Sequence

Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement

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Right-Brained Time, Money, and Measurement takes a fun, kid-friendly approach to these important topics. The book teaches via images, stories, hands-on activities, and patterns, which engage and target the child’s natural learning strengths. It is a great approach for kinesthetic and visual learners!


About this product

You may approach this book in several ways, depending on the situation: the level and ages of the children you are teaching and your time constraints. The material presented in each section begins with introductory concepts and increases in difficulty. Simply go as far as your student(s) can go in each section. Skill levels K-3.

In addition to the physical book, you will receive a free downloadable student workbook for print at home!

There are three sections

Part I, Time, covers everything from introducing the hands on a clock, Ollie Hour, Molly Minute, and Sammy Second, to future and elapsed time, to estimating time. 

Part II, Money, starts with introducing the different denominations of money and ends with adding money and making change.

Part III, Measurement, focuses on measurement of temperature, length, perimeter, area, weight, and volume.

Each section contains resources for practicing skills taught in the book and an answer key. The Student Workbook lets you can just print out all the copies of the student activities as you want rather than photocopying the pages from your book.

Who will benefit?

Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement
Right-Brained Time, Money & Measurement

This book is for children who are strongly visual, who learn all at once through pictures, are drawn to patterns, rely on body motions, and who need to understand the process behind each math problem they solve. Child1st teaching and learning resources all follow the principle of conveying learning pieces using a variety of right-brain-friendly elements. We take learning tidbits that utilize symbols (numbers and letters) and abstractions, which are left-brained, and embed them in right-brained elements to beautifully integrate the left and right hemispheres in the brain.