SnapWords® Math Vocabulary Set 2

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Intermediate Vocabulary

When children learn math, one of the biggest challenges they face is learning, understanding and using the vocabulary. Traditionally, we have relied heavily on memorization when teaching math. But for many children, memorization is the least effective way to learn any subject. We help by providing images that help children grasp instantly both the word and its meaning.

SnapWords® Math Vocabulary Sets 1-3 are a collection of 189 math terms in these categories:

  • Location
  • Geometry
  • Calendar
  • Classification
  • Money
  • Number/computation
  • Measurement
  • Fractions
  • Graphing

 Words Included in Set 2



On the front of each card, words are stylized to show their meaning visually, making it easy for students to learn and remember each word.

On the back of each card you will find a related body motion, the term in a sentence, and a definition of the term.

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