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SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary


SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary is packed with all the images, body motions and sentences from the original SnapWords® cards, including Lists A-E, Numbers & Colors, alphabetized for ease of use.

SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary is designed to be used as a reference or for review after students have been introduced to the sight words using the stylized SnapWords® cards.

Because the goal is that students move quickly from learning stylized words to reading the unadorned words found on the backs of the SnapWords® cards and in print, the SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary is not recommended for initial teaching of sight words.

Recommended uses for SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary include: 
• placement in a writing center for spelling reference
• inclusion in a classroom lending library for review at home
• accommodation for special education students during testing
• reference for teachers as they prepare and teach lessons
• resource for older non-readers
• resource for ELL

The full-color SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary has 84 pages, is 5.5" x 8.5" and contains 372 high-frequency words from Dolch, Fountas & Pinnell, and more.

Teacher review:
"I found this resource provides an effective alternative way to teach sight words that works well for all students, but especially low progress readers who struggle with learning and applying these words to their reading and writing. The picture-cues attached to the sight words, action and sentence/story context make them so much more memorable for students than the usual practice exercises. They actually enjoy learning this way and motivation is so important. I also use the sight word cards for lessons and the word wall that are in this series from Child1st Publications. Students can also use the picture cued examples as a model for making their own word banks.”

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