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SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Unlock the world of words with the SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary! Packed with vivid images, engaging body motions, and sentences, this alphabetized gem is your go-to reference for mastering SnapWords®. Perfect for review, it's not just a dictionary—it's your spellbinding tool for writing centers, lending libraries, special education support, teacher prep, and more. Dive into the language adventure and let SnapWords® be your guide!

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The SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary compiles images, body motions, and sentences from the original SnapWords® cards, presented in alphabetical order for convenient reference. Ideal for use as a review tool, this dictionary is designed for students already familiar with stylized SnapWords®. While not recommended for initial teaching, it serves various purposes, such as spelling reference in writing centers, inclusion in lending libraries, support for special education students during testing, aiding teachers in lesson preparation, and assisting older non-readers or English Language Learners (ELL).

SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary is available in two formats:

  • Physical  - physical book measuring 8.5" x 5.5", softcover, 136 pages
  • Download  - printable PDF file of the book


  • Locate each word from the list in the Dictionary and tell your student what it says.
  • Talk about what the picture shows, allowing enough time for your student to study the picture well.
  • Do the hand motions as you say the word together.
  • Read the sentence and have your student repeat it.


  • Find each word in the Dictionary one at a time, asking your student what each word is. If they hesitate, say the word yourself – don’t let your student guess wrong.
  • Do the body motion as you repeat the word.
  • Say the sentence together.


  • When your student can easily read all of the words in the group, write the words on little cards and spread them out on the table.
  • Show your student one word at a time, asking them to find the same word on a card from the table.


  • Once your student can quickly identify the correct plain words to match the picture words, set the Dictionary aside and just call out one word at a time for them to find on the table.
  • If your student is not sure about a word, find it in the Dictionary and show them the picture again.
  • Take turns calling out words for your student to find and letting them call out words for you to find.
  • When your student can easily read all the words from the plain cards, put that group of cards in a baggie or box and start with another group of 10-12 picture words, repeating these activities.

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What's Included

  • SnapWords® Spelling Dictionary includes:
    Images, body motions, and sentences from all SnapWords® Lists: A, B, C, D, E, Numbers & Colors, F, G, Nouns 1, Nouns 2, & Verbs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sight words important?

Sight words are critical in early literacy because they make up 80-90% of the words children encounter in text, and recognizing them instantly greatly simplifies reading, improving fluency and comprehension. These high-frequency words, such as "the" and "and," enhance reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence, laying the foundation for more advanced literacy skills, reducing cognitive load, and supporting performance on standardized tests and overall language development. In a nutshell, mastering sight words is essential for building strong reading skills in children.

What are SnapWords®?

SnapWords® are designed to cater to diverse learning styles, particularly accommodating visual learners who benefit from associating words with images, seeing the whole word before delving into details like phonics, spelling, and decoding. This approach begins with presenting the entire word, allowing learners to establish a visual memory of the word's form before exploring spelling patterns and phonics rules, ultimately empowering them to tackle more complex, unfamiliar words. While sequential methods typically start with teaching details before introducing the whole word, SnapWords® recognize that right-brain dominant learners thrive by grasping words and phonics holistically.

For individuals with a left-brain dominant learning style, who think in words and handle abstractions adeptly, the images on the front of the cards may appear redundant or distracting. The unadorned word on the back may align better with their preferences. However, for right-brained visual learners, the inclusion of images is indispensable. These images enable them to create a mental picture and store the entire word in visual memory, matching their cognitive style. This image then serves as a recall anchor, even when they encounter the plain word. If asked how they remember the word while reading, they will often attribute it to the image stored in their visual memory.

SnapWords® take a comprehensive approach by incorporating body motion to engage kinesthetic learners, activating body memory. Additionally, the inclusion of sentences aids in comprehending and using words correctly within the context of sentences. This multifaceted method ensures that SnapWords® address various learning preferences and provide a holistic learning experience.